The Euston Tap NW1 2EF (Tube: Euston)

London can be a big and scary place. It’s full of sullen people, aggressive cyclists, insistent free newspaper peddlers and the occasional inquisitive tramp. Not to mention a labyrinth of public transport that’d send Theseus packing off home before you can say Minotaur. The more timid traveller to the city will be pleased then to know that without venturing more than 50 steps from the entrance of Euston station there lurks an excellent pub in which to calm their nerves.

The Euston Tap used to be the lost luggage office for the station and is literally just outside the entrance. If it weren’t for the tables and umbrellas outside it could be overlooked, I thought it was a mausoleum from a distance and it doesn’t appear much more cheerful closer up. Only a tempting neon sign betrays the pubs name and indicates what might rest inside the drab grey box.

Size and space really aren’t in abundance here and it’s not been used incredibly well. A huge square bar dominates the downstairs leaving punters to crowd around the edges of bumping elbows and sloshing globs of beers down each other. I’m tempted however to argue that this cramped jostling is an essential part of experiencing this pub and I’d suggest staying in the melee rather than retreating to the drab upstairs area. Enjoy the noise, the overheard conversation and the bustle of this very unique little establishment.

It occurs to me that so far I’ve not said anything astoundingly positive and yet seem to have ranked The Euston Tap very highly on the blog. Why? I hear you ask.

Simply put, I have never seen a better selection of beers to choose from. The options are chalked on boards flanking the bar and although not particularly easy to read it’s well worth squinting over heads to select the perfect pint, it must be almost impossible to not find something you like. On my visit there was no less than 27 different draft ales on offer, a feat not matched by anywhere else in London I’m currently aware of. It would be very easy to get caught up in tasting and sampling or simply going mental and trying to drink one of each though I’m fairly sure that you’d die in the attempt (do not try this).

Bottom line for this one. Go. Enjoy it. Then go back a few weeks later and enjoy it[1]

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