Just East of Centre Pub Crawl

This is a cracking little route that takes you neatly from some really top class pubs in the East of central London right through to the bustling hub of Soho. There’s no pub in here that we’ve rated lower than 3* including two which easily stormed their way to claiming an ‘Epic’ rating. There is a tiny bit of tube travel involved for this crawl but given that it’s only a few stops you can’t complain that much.

There are brief details of the chosen venues listed below and links to their respective reviews via their name and their official pub sites via the postcodes. Check em out.

  • Getting to the Start – The starting pub is The Old Red Cow which is a short plod from either Barbican or Farringdon tube stops both of which are on the Metropolitan, Circle and Hammersmith & City Lines.
  • When to do it – Personally I always feel that a pub crawl is best done on a Saturday afternoon and given the food options at some of these pubs it’d be a good excuse for a cracking Sunday lunch. However the end of this crawl parks you in central London so you could easily do this on an evening.
  • What’s the Route? – Well because I’m nice I’m going to describe it to you and provide links to all the reviews but if you insist of having a link to a google map that’s already been plotted out with all the stops along the way then here you go.

1. The Old Red Cow (EC1A 9EJ) – This is a brilliant first stop. There is a great selection of drinks to suit all members of your intrepid party and if you don’t want to play it fast and loose by drinking on an empty stomach there is a stunning menu of bar goodies. Once you’re assembled and sated then it’s a short waddle over to…

2. Jerusalem Tavern (EC1M 5UQ) – We adored this place. Affectionately described by its brewery as ‘The London Pub’ it is the only bastion of a tiny company in the capital. You wouldn’t be blamed for wanting to stay for a few or being tempted to invest in one of their take home kegs, probably best to come back another time for that though as there’s a way to go we’re off on to…

3. The Crown Tavern (EC1R 0EG) – I found this pub totally by accident whilst looking for somewhere I still haven’t ruddy been to. It is a gem of a find. This is a top class place to get a bit of nosh and highly advisable as you’ll need to prep for the next stop. If you’re lucky enough to be doing this on a decent day then recline in the square before hopping on a tube from Farringdon to Euston Square for…

4. The Euston Tap (NW1 2EF) – Epic. I’m not going to witter on about how great it is yet again. Just read the review and brace yourself for temptation. Once you’ve had your fill you have a choice. Either hop on the Northern Line down to Tottenham Court Road or walk to the next venue via Goodge Street which hosts many a decent boozer. Whatever your preference the next stop is……

5. The Crown and Two Chairmen (W1D 3S3 )– A solid offering just on the fringes of Soho. It can’t hope to compete with it’s predecessor for beer but it has one of the best priced menus around. A last chance to get some really decent grub here and when you’re done take a jaunt through some of Londons more colourful streets to…

6. The Cross Keys (WC2H 9BA) – One of my personal favourites. It still sells Scampi Fries, what more could you want? This is again an outpost of a rather small brewery which is based in East London. There are always some solid beers on offer and no shortage of things to keep your now booze addled mind entertained are hung on the walls. If you still can then it’s only a short walk to…

7. The Lamb and Flag (WC2E 9EB) – Round things off with a pint in this historic niche of tranquillity tucked off the side of Covent Garden. A Fullers pub with a lot going for it. Grab yourself a last well earned pint and relax in a proper honest pub. Cheers.

What do I do Now? Well you’re in Central London and around the corner from the Central Line, Northern Line and Piccadilly Lines. If you can’t work out how to get home using those three then there is no hope for you.

But I Want More!!  This is London and you’re right in the thick of it and there is almost always more. If you want to pop somewhere else that we’ve raided and like to know what to expect then check out The Coach and Horses or The Princess Louise. Also nearby but yet to receive an official pub raid is The Porterhouse. Aside from that I’d suggest following your eyes and ears, there’s always something going on and lets face it you’re probably in the mood to do something I daren’t publish.

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