East End Pub Crawl

Geographically speaking this is a fairly long crawl but the pubs are all fairly evenly spaced out or are on a handy bus route. Easy enough to start this at either end for pretty much the same result (drunkenness). It takes you through some of the really trendy parts of London and if you did this and the Shoreditch Seven Crawl you’d have pretty much nailed all the best areas and pubs. Personally I think this is a world class selection of bars without a single weak link. There are other pubs you’ll pass en route but they’re either rubbish or have been left out to avoid hospitalisation – add them at your own risk.

Getting to the start. Kick of for this is best from Liverpool Street Station as it’s easy to access from the Central Line/Hammersmith and City Line/Circle Line/Metropolitan Line as well as rail. I strongly recommend investing in a days travel card if you’re out of London as there’s a stretch where you’ll be grateful of a bus hop if it’s pissing it down.
• When to do it. There’s no ‘perfect time’ to do this crawl but given that it offers an abundance of foody pubs I’d centre it over an afternoon encompassing lunch. It’d also make a top class evening crawl but be aware that all but one of these pubs are 11pm licensed.
What’s the route? Here’s a google map of route for you. I suggest doing these in the order I describe below but it would work just as well in reverse if not slightly better as it’d leave you at Liverpool Street.

  1.  The Kings Stores (E1 7HP) – A bit of a tricky one to find but well worth it once you get there. After a 2013 re-launch this is a cracking pub and it’s likely to be offering a good handful of different beers for you to sample as you gather. If you fancy lining your stomachs (wise) then the food here is top class. Once you’ve consumed what you desire then head through Old Spitalfields Market to pub number two….
  2. The Golden Heart (E1 6LZ) – Probably the least exciting venue on this crawl the Golden Hear is non the less a solid offering. Enjoy gazing at the obligatory array of moustachioed hipsters in one of the two rooms or stand outside and people watch. This is the only non food option en route but there’s a brilliant chip ship next door is you’re peckish. When you’re done it’s down the world renowned Brick Lane to the top of Bethnal Green Road and…
  3. The Well and Bucket (E2 7DG) – One of two pubs on this crawl to have achieved a perfect rating I’ll unashamedly admit that this is one of my favourite ever pubs. Browse the beer menu, ogle the taps and dribble over the menu.  It’s hard to avoid getting drawn into a session here but if you can tear yourself away it’s a short walk or a hop on the number 8 bus towards….
  4. The Star of Bethnal Green (E2 6LG) – Quirky, eccentric, odd. However you choose to describe ‘The Star’ it’s hard not to find something you like. Their real ale offerings are pretty limited but what is there is usually good. Food highlight here is definitely the burgers! Suck it up and then either walk or hop on the 8 for another couple of stops to get yourself to….
  5. The Florists Arms (E2 0JD) – Another 5 star pub. One of the most attractive pubs I’ve ever seen also offers good music, good beer and some lush stone baked pizzas. Always a few oddball beers on offer at The Florists though it’s usually a pain to get a decent seat. Do what you must and then carry on up Globe Road to…
  6. The Camel (E2 0JD) – Once the sister pub to The Florists the Camel is under new management from 2013 and things are going well. Guest beers on rotation, pies and scrabble all add to the charm at this tiny little pub. The end is nearly in sight and you’ve only got a short plod to get to…
  7. The Approach Tavern (E2 9LY) – And so we come to the end. With a fine smorgasbord of German beers and a solid if not slightly pricey menu this is a good place to finish up. You should easily get a seat (you’ll probably need one) in which to relax and reflect upon your experiences.

What next? Well the nearest tube to get you back to the start is Bethnal Green but you’re also quite close to Cambridge Health for national rail and Homerton for the overground.

But I wasn’t done drinking… If you insist on drinking more there are other pubs nearby The Royal Inn on the Park (though i suggest reading the review carefully before you go there), The Crown, The Peoples Inn on the Park are all a short walk away. If you want to carry on drinking but head back towards civilisation I’d suggest walking up to Columbia Road and hitting The Royal Oak, The Marksman or The Birdcage (which would be my choice). Whatever you decide to do; enjoy.

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