London Bridge Lash Pub Crawl

London Bridge Lash Pub Crawl

This is a tube free crawl which takes you through the great and the good of the pubs in the London Bridge area. Admittedly we rated a couple of the pubs on this list fairly harshly but given that you’re only going to be there for a drink or two it seemed fine to include them and besides you can always skip the shit ones. It’s a little bit of an odd route but then that’s partly to do with the haphazard way that the area itself is laid out.

  • Where is it? Well the clue for this one is in the name, essentially you need to get yourself to London Bridge or Borough tube stops which both land you equidistantly from the starting pub.
  • When is it best attempted? This might be one you’d want to actually avoid doing on a Saturday as the market is on and it will be ludicrously busy. This wouldn’t be such an issue if you’re a small party but a larger gang might struggle.
  • So what’s the route? Well not only am I about to list the pubs with synopsised reviews here’s a full route map plotted through t’internet.
  1.  The George Inn (SE1 1NH)  – A perfect meeting spot as it’s interesting and roomy. Always plenty of different ales to choose from at this National Trust owned boozer and if it’s decent weather you can sit on the courtyard. Gather your troops, sup your pints and plod up the road to…..
  2. The Market Porter (SE1 9AA) – Adjacent to the market this snug little pub opens early in the morning to serve the stall owners before a busy day of trade. It’s almost always full to bursting on weekends and evenings so prepare for standing room only, the consolation being that the ale selection is extensive. Now time to cross the market to…..
  3. The Mudlark (SE1 9DA) – Apparently this pub was used as a set for one of those Harry Potter films as well as a few others. Not that these things matter hugely, it’s a funny little pub and a pleasant enough place to quaff a bevy. Head outside and up the stairs on the side of the bridge to find yourself right next to….
  4. The Barrow Boy and Banker (SE1 9QQ) – If you’re in need of some sustenance to balance out the beer you’ve now consumed then I’d suggest that this is the place to do it. Selling itself as a Pie & Ale pub you’d be mad not to order precisely that. Hunker down on some quality grub, try not to doze off and then grit your teeth for…
  5. The Rake (SE1 9AG) – Ok, so we were pretty hard on this pub when we reviewed it in the first instance and for good reason. However, it’d edged it way into this crawl because it has a truly brilliant selection of beers and who can say no to that? Next…
  6. The Old Thameside Inn (SE1 9DG) – This is a stop on the tour that can potentially be totally bollocksed up by massive amounts of people looking at an old old wooden ship…no it’s not diversity…its Golden Hinde. Once you’ve squeezed through the SLR wielding throng you can get a nice pint and look out at the river, don’t get too settled though at the final stop is a belter…
  7. The Anchor Bankside (SE1 9EF) – Last stop. This is a rather expensive but generally very good pub. Decent amount of ales on tap. Nice interior and a wonderful spot to look back upriver at the dome of St Pauls. If you can still stand you did well, if you can’t try not to fall in the river as you’ll die.

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