The Mission Statement

Pubs, unsurprisingly, are the reason that this blog has come into existence. I spend a generous portion of my time in them and think they’re generally something to be savoured and enjoyed, from the opulent and wood lined Edwardian snug to the humble working men’s club with tired stools.

This site is an attempt to do something that others often don’t do and that is to try and convey what a pub actually feels like. The pub guides I’ve tried to use over the years tend to sway from tedious dirges about the history of mindnumbing details or clinical disections of costs and customer service. A proper pub review lies somewhere inbetween these two extremes.

I shall be reviewing the great and the good of London’s proper pubs and aiming to create a useful source of information for anyoneone searching for a perfect pint.

There are no hard and fast rules about what I look for in a pub and this site puts more of a focus on the feel and the impression a place gives. Feel free to comment and certainly don’t hold back from offering any suggestions for a Pub Raid!

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