The Washington NW3 4UE (Tube: Chalk Farm)

Without even checking the dubious fact warehouse known as Wikipedia I think I’m safe to assume that George Washington, the pubs namesake, never visited it infact the celebrated revolutionary leader and founding father was almost definitely dead when the first pint was pulled here. This fact saddened me and had me pondering what George might have made of the pub which now bears his name.

It’s strategically well placed upon a hill and is equidistant between the Chalk Farm and Camden stations providing excellent transport for troops. Handily placed on the corner it has a clear view of two major streets, ideal for people watching or keeping an eye out for the British forces. Inside it’s well stocked with provisions and hearty drink options to survive a long siege or perhaps simply to guzzle on a rainy London evening. Also no need to worry about the men getting restless as there are a number of board games to while away the long hours though I’m not sure they had an American dictionary for Scrabble…..

Probably time to abandon the laboured analogy now and write something vaguely useful.

This is actually a very pleasing pub if a tad on the expensive side (£4 a pint minimum). Plenty of original wooden panels, glass partitions and elegantly etched mirrors make the inside a wonderful place to sit. The vast windows on two walls also provide a chance to watch the world go by, in this area you’re also treated to a constant stream of mind bogglingly flash cars if that sort of thing gets you going (loser). Staff were friendly and helpful and there was a fair if not exceptional array of beers to choose from. My fellow drinker noted that the tables were also large enough for you to read a Sunday broadsheet without looking like a total cock wrestling with an unmanageable mass of paper. The verdict? Pop in, have a few if you’re in the area.


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