Who is the Pub Raider?

When this website came into being there was only one Pub Raider tirelessly plodding around London to ensure you never went into a pub unworthy of your patronage. However as time as gone by and ambitions have expanded it’s no longer fair to say that the Pub Raider is singular and now the ‘Raiders’ suggested in this site’s name can be said to truly exist as a plural.

This select group of discerning pub goers are now seeking to give you reviews from far and wide because there is, despite what The Guardian might often lead you to believe, a world outside  the M25. York, Cambridge and Stamford now all proudly feature on our website as they are legendary pub drenched cities and we will look to expand this as time goes by and support increases.

What has not changed is the unannounced nature of our visits and the open minded approach. We go nowhere with expectations and we are always ready to be surprised. You’ll know when you’ve been Raided as we’ll leave a calling card…


4 responses to “Who is the Pub Raider?

  1. Hi Pub Raider, looking for a nice drinking establishment in Borough where two girls can get legless as they chew the cud tomorrow night. Any ideas?

    • The Marker Porter might be a good shout. Though Friday night might mean you struggle for any peace & quiet anywhere around there. Perhaps The George Inn would be slightly better…

  2. Got it spot on Pub Raider. Well done. Recommend you pop in to Ulverston…Please type of friendly pubs and South Lakes voted in..why wait?!?

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