Ye Olde Citie of Yorke WC1V 6BN (Tube: Chancery Lane)

Big. Cavernously big. Though there are many rooms to drink in inside Ye Olde Citie of Yorke you will undoubtedly be drawn to its enormous drinking hall. Whilst it’s size means that you are not constantly being shunted about and pressed into the moist backs of your fellow drinkers sadly it means that it has as much atmosphere as the moon on a slow day. A feeling of self consciousness settles on you as you walk in and for reasons unbeknown to science you feel compelled to order your drink in a whisper.

Thankfully once you have acquired your pint at a volume suitable for a library you can retreat to one of the cosy booths which line the walls. The closeness of these little retreats helps you to escape from the overwhelming expanse of the space and regain some of the familiar feelings of comfort you ought to expect from a pub. Now that you’re calm you can take a little time to soak up your surroundings.
If you put aside the lack of social buzz this is a truly stunning pub.

Huge wooden vats are suspended behind the bar which itself is a glorious expanse of well polished wood. As you might expect there are a number of pumps situated behind this bar and there are staff there to pull them resulting in nice beer coming out of taps for you to drink. This being a Sam Smiths pub there is the usual selection of Extra Stout, Taddy Lager, Sovereign Bitter etc on offer. As your pint is produced you can peruse a collection of framed cartoon prints from antique Vanity Fair issues and admire the slightly mad four faced fireplace.

Sadly for all the promise of it’s heritage (there’s been a pub on the site for over 500 years) and the usual reliability of Sam Smiths as a provider of solid drinking haunts Ye Olde Citie of Yorke fails to meet expectations. It’s lacking in soul and there are simply too many other options nearby to go here for anything other than an emergency beer and if that’s something you actually need then you probably shouldn’t be reading pub reviews and ought to get some help.



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