The Tabard W4 1LW (Tube: Turnham Green)

Considering that the map we used to get to this pub was about as useful as a toothpick in a duel and it was to put it mildly ‘pissing it down’ we arrived in a pretty good mood. On the approach there is no denying that The Tabard looks like it was designed by a drunk Hobbit, it inexplicably has a miniature theatre on top of it and is fronted by a white picket fence. However despite it’s ludicrous appearance it’s generally pretty decent.

The inside of the bar is covered in original enamel tiles in blues and greens, perhaps not to every persons taste but it’s a nice to know that there’s a bit of authenticity about the place. My brother and I were promptly directed by a jolly bar wench (for sake of political correctness that by this I mean an ‘Alcoholic Beverage Dispensing Person’ and am in no way being derogatory) to a deeply impressive array of beers. The selection included some local brews, Tim Taylors and some more exotic tipples a pair of which set us back £6.70, a veritable bargain. The best bit here so far was that we were allowed to taste before we ordered and I was sober enough to not order the first thing I tried out of an oddly British compulsion not to inconvenience the bar staff.

Without wanting to bang on about it too much this pub was really worth the trip. It’s a nice place to be and I could comfortably have stayed here for a few beers, I’ll undoubtedly return at some point. Not a huge factor in my decisions for these reviews but the menu wasn’t too bad either, standard pub fare and nothing over a tenner, without tasting it though I can’t guarantee it doesn’t taste suspiciously like it came in 5-1 at Ascot three years ago and has fallen on hard times.

The key bad point was that there was a lot of branding from ‘Costa’ but that didn’t seem to have ruined the place the way it had destroyed The Bulls Head. After a considered chat we came to a 13/20 for The Tabard and shall be adding it to the approved list.

The Tabard


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