The Bulls Head SW13 9PY (Train: Chiswick or Kew Bridge)

It took friggin’ ages to walk to this place from the train station and it sounded great. Been around since the 1500’s, Oliver Cromwell had a bit of a to do in the place and had to escape through a secret tunnel and its in a pretty gorgeous part of London. However our expectations had been raised rather foolishly.

There is a unique kind of dread which invades the psyche when you see a pub displaying a picture of food and a costa coffee logo underneath its sign, a dread which all too often is followed by a shit pub experience and that is exactly what The Bulls Head delivered.

We might as well have walked into Starbucks or a Toby Carvery rather than a 500 year old pub. The only original and retained part of the pub seemed to be the layout which was evidently given no thought whatsoever but did provide an area to hide from the copious amount of horrible children left running around the place by their apathetic and disinterested parents.

Despite it being mostly awful it did have two mildly redeeming features. The first being a great river view which goes some way to helping you escape from the feeling you’re sat in a waiting room for hell. The second is the food which did genuinely look great (see pic), sadly as we had 9 other pubs to visit we couldn’t sample it and given the place was overall crap I doubt we ever will.

The beer selection was dire with only two offerings. A pair of pints set us back £7.15 . I would normally sum up with its overall score out of twenty but I don’t think I will because frankly its embarrassing. Next stop The Tabard.

the bulls head

photo (7)

3 responses to “The Bulls Head SW13 9PY (Train: Chiswick or Kew Bridge)

  1. Nearest stations are Chiswick or Kew Bridge…definitely not Barnes Bridge!

    You’re right about the pub though. Dire.

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