The Colonel Fawcett NW1 0SS (Tube: Camden Rd)

The Colonel Fawcett becomes the second pub I’ve reviewed which has achieved a small measure of fame for having had someone get shot to death within its walls (see The Blind Beggar). In this case it’s the pubs namesake who became the last man in Britain to die in a duel as well as having taps names after him (I made that last bit up). The history of the pub speaks of notoriety and debauchery in a manner reminiscent of a Hogarth painting and it subsequently feels fitting that this pub remains true to its gin soaked roots.

With over thirty different varieties of mothers ruin to choose from this is very much a destination for juniper distilled drink aficionados and proudly boasts a specific ‘Gin Menu’ on its website. A decent amount of real ale on tap doesn’t leave beer lovers disappointed here either. However I’m not too sure how I feel about a pub which also serves cocktails as there’s little that is more infuriating than just wanting a couple of simple pints but being stuck behind some extravagant berk who wants a couple of mojitos.

The teeny niggle I have with this pub is that something feels a bit forced. Pictures on the wall appear to have been picked up as a job lot and deliberately hung at different levels. Elegant spiral staircase is fixed in the corner but doesn’t actually go anywhere. Light fitting are purposely mismatched. I’m all for quirky but when it’s contrived like this it feels a little disingenuous and frankly unnecessary given how much else it has going for it.

Sadly nothing here grabbed me enough to want to rave about it and nothing irritated me enough to want to destroy it. It’s alright and worth a go. Next!


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