100 Pints. 100 Posts. 1 Year of Pub Raiding.

100 pubs. Presumably at least 100 pints and now we’ve passed 100 posts.

A little over a year ago my brother and I took our first pub centric adventure around London in an effort to visit the greatest of the capitals boozers. The idea to create our own guide came from a book purporting to be a definitive guide to the best pubs; however the guide was about as useful as Mr Bean on University Challenge and on occasions about as interesting as a conversation with a wobbly stool. We resolved henceforth to do our own reviews which would be informative without being tedious and hopefully somewhere along the way be reasonably useful if anyone ever decided to read them.

Amazingly it seems a fair few of you other humans are interested in reading our occasionally mindless witterings. In fact 400 of you subject yourself to every single one of the fresh reviews we post. Having revisited our first reviews it’s frankly shocking that anyone read more than two before deciding that we had no idea what we were talking about and filtered any future emails from raidersofthelostpubs.com straight into junk.

With our London reviews looking fairly healthy we’ve also started to add a smattering of pubs from further afield with legendary pub cities Stamford and York being covered thanks to Brotherraider and Northernraider respectively.

To mark this milestone of 100 reviews my co-founder and I have each chosen our two favorite pubs from the first year of our undertaking; listed in no particular order.

The Euston Tap

PubRaider- It’s rare that I’m asked about pubs I recommend and don’t mention the Euston Tap. Glorious.

The Jerusalem Tavern

The sole London outpost of a very small independent brewery. Unusual and impossible not to like.

The Well and Bucket

PubRaider -Unparalleled beer selection. Pin sharp surroundings and a finger on the pulse of what makes a great boozer.

The Dove

Overlooking the Thames near Putney bridge. It’s a bit posh and it holds a world record.

Rest assured there are plenty more reviews to come. Thank you for reading and supporting us; it almost validates the vast swathes of time we spend in the pub in the name of reviews.

Here’s a picture of Nicholas Lyndhurst.


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