Melbourn Brothers/All Saint Brewery PE9 2PA (Stamford)

For me it is the mark of a good pub that you don’t know its name. The level of familiarity has gone past the point of names in much the same way that it can be weird to think of your friend’s name – is he really called Marc? That’s weird? Marc. M-arc. M-arrrr-c.

I go to this pub often, but in order to write these words I have had to go on TripAdvisor to find its name. Therefore, ergo, concordantly – this is a good pub.

So, this pub that in my head is sometimes affectionately known as ‘you know, that nice one’ and in the actual world is known as Melbourn Brothers, sits on the site of the All Saints Brewery, which apparently produces Sam Smith’s. You begin to understand why I don’t know the pub’s name. It’s a riddle.

Sam Smith’s on offer gives you the usual range of Taddy Lager, wheat beer, organics, fruits, mild, Sovereign bitter and the wide variety of different flavoured crisps that all have the same flavour. Most importantly though, you can get change from three quid for two pints. Yes, pints – that’s all the way to the top. Occasionally I call this ‘the cheap pub’ – I’m pretty good at nicknames.

It feels a little like King Arthur should have drunk in this pub. Pitched roofs, exposed timbers, great stone walls and open fires. There are wooden benches and tables that cry out for a flagon to be thrown down amongst overgrown beards and muddy boots. Great draped tapestry’s hang from the walls (although one looks suspiciously like an IKEA rug) and it wouldn’t surprise me that much if I ever saw a couple of lances leaned up in a corner somewhere.

Like any good pub – The Spread Eagle for example – here be found Kerplunk (hence why this is sometimes called ‘the pub with the games’). They’ve got loads of intellectual games too – chess, jenga, The Game of Life – so you’ll never be bored.

The only downside of this pub is the lack of some kind of background noise. No sports, no music and a large space to fill means this place sometimes has a library feel about it if it’s not busy. That said, the only music that would work would be someone playing the lute so maybe for the best.

Even after scribbling the above I still can’t remember this pub’s name, so I’ll just keep calling it ‘the one we like’, and that says it all really.


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