The Porterhouse WC2E 7NA (Tube: Leicester Square)

There have been more than a few occasions on my trips around pubs where there has been a temptation to succumb to the lure of drinking until an ambulance is needed. Fortunately for my internal organs I have a modicum of willpower but in pubs such as the Euston Tap and now The Porterhouse where there is nothing short of a full menu of beers this insane idea creeps its way back into the forefront of my beer addled psyche.

Boasting that it’s London’s largest bar The Porterhouse is set across a number of levels connected by a veritable maze of stairways. All of this is interwoven with beautifully polished brass pipe work which quite evidently has no function beyond looking rather marvellous; so far as unusual interiors go this is hard to beat. Despite being a labyrinth it’s easy enough to find a seat or a perch that suits where you can start absorb the real spectacle here….the menu.

It’s tough to summarise the thoughts that go through your head as a committed beer fan when you see a beer menu with somewhere in the region of 50 different options. Choosing a pint is probably tougher than picking a child at an orphanage or which relative to save in a hostage situation. Unlike those predicaments though the risk of disappointment is minimal; be it a crisp pale ale, a hearty stout or something dangerous with an ABV in the double figures. Beers, ales, stouts, porters and lagers from every corner of the globe ensure that you’re never stuck for exactly the right tipple to quench your thirst.  

Only major downside is of this pub is that it appears to have been brought to the attention of some sort of hen/stag do handbook and is occasionally infested with blokes in onesies or lasses in pink cowboy hats (or other equally hilarious outfit highlighting for all and sundry what enormous amounts of fun they all must be having).  I don’t begrudge them the visit here though as it’s a great bar, just wish that the majority of them weren’t insufferably rude, and it is easy enough to hide from them in this venue.

From time to time is also hosts a bit of live music in the roomier downstairs area and though I’ve not witnessed anything here I’d assume they’d put on a good show. Music or no music this is a cracking central London boozer which I’m always eager to introduce people to for its myriad of delights. Enjoy.   


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