The Cats Back SW18 1NN (Tube: East Putney)

Capital punishment isn’t currently used for crimes committed in the UK, in fact even treason no longer carries a death penalty, though it was possibly to be hanged for giving false air signals up until 1998. There is a large part of me that does however feel that we jumped the gun a little with getting rid of this ultimate form of punitive action as it took place before the emergence of the abomination that is book case wallpaper. Were it up to me the decorator who was most recently tasked with updating this little nook ought to be dragged before a secret court and then bricked up inside his own cell which has been lovingly lined from floor to ceiling with real books so they can really appreciate the difference before they finally expire.

Other than it’s frankly horrendous decor there’s a fair bit to be said for this pub even though there’s something faintly sad about it. When we visited we had to worm our way around endless flat developments and roadworks which seem to be rife in the area. As a result this pub is now trying to cater for an audience it isn’t quite reaching, attempting to be a trendy boozer whilst not really wanting to let go of its traditional roots, it feels lost.

It is however friendly, we were made to feel very welcome and a local (utterly wasted local who I have a horrible feeling was going back to work on a building site after his ‘lunch’) recommended a couple of very tasty beers, it had a dirt cheap menu though a lot of the offerings were ‘coming soon’ (including bread). The draft beer selection was middle of the road with just three to choose from however a slight saving grace was an incredible array of bottled beers and lagers to choose from which for some could make this pub a bit of a hidden gem.

Though it has mainly lost its soul there is something a little bit Father Ted about the place with the insane menu (pictured), the mirrors set above head height, the pissed locals and the unexplained picture of the Queen Mother pulling a pint in another pub. It isn’t a destination but if you’re in the area I’d pop in for a swift one, even just to enjoy imagining what it was like before it was surrounded by the carbon copy flat buildings which will undoubtedly spell its demise.


The Cat's Back... Front

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